Summer Scrapbook: Week 3

Catch up on all the exciting activities and adventures from the second week of Keen2Go’s bumper Summer Holiday programme. 

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Monday morning saw us cruising down the River Thames to Hampton Court Palace – not a bad way to start the week!

Once home to King Henry VIII, the majestic palace and its stunning gardens were for one day at the pleasure of the Keen2Go VI. Work began on the palace in 1515. By 15:15 we were royally lost in the oldest surviving hedge maze in Britain. Not to fear – we had some excellent navigators to free us from the tyranny of disorientation. 

We were back on track and off to Creams in Kingston for some well-earned desserts. For all his palaces and riches, old Henry had never had a sundae like that! 


We rolled into a morning of boardgames that were far from boring. Frustration has long been a favourite of the Keen2Go gang and a tense back and forth soon showed how well the game fitted its name. 

We were then off to Beddington Park and the brilliant Pavilion Café for food and drinks. A big lunch was needed to give us the energy for an afternoon’s cricket. Some big scores were posted with raised bats pointed towards the pavilion and their exceptional club sandwiches. Great effort all round!  


Keen2Go does TV – and an amazing cheesecake!

The morning had us in the kitchen preparing lunch for each other and the esteemed judges in the Great Keen2Go Bake Off. The cheesecake won the day for this sweet-touched judge, but special mention has to go to the British flag cupcakes that took the award for fantastic presentation. No prizes for guessing what we had for lunch.

Up next the gang took on the fiendish Keen2Go Crystal Maze and its array of teamworking, logic and communication challenges. All the crystals were successfully attained and traded in for a shower of sweets. 

Congratulations to all participants and to anyone holding shares in Tate and Lyle.

We bowled straight into the cricket at the Keen2Go Cup, followed by football and dinner. The series score jumped to 4-1, but everyone loves a good comeback!


The Keen2Go Express rolled in to the city for a spot of sightseeing around London.

It was as popular as ever as a large Keen2Go contingent made their way to Buckingham Palace. We don’t think Her Majesty was in, but that’s what you get for not calling ahead. 

We took a stroll down by the river and hopped on the ferry at the South Bank. We cruised on down to the O2 where we enjoyed some wonderful pizza for lunch – Grazie!

And that was us done for the week, with Friday reserved for a private session. We are now over half way through the summer and can’t believe how fast it’s all going. But we still have two weeks of fun left – swinging into week four with Go Ape on Monday.    

Week 4 awaits – check it out here

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