Summer Scrapbook: Week 5

Catch up on all the exciting activities and adventures from the fifth and final week of Keen2Go’s bumper Summer Holiday programme.

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It was the final week of a wonderful summer and we were determined to go out with a splash!

Bank Holidays mean different things to different people: the chance of a lie-in, maybe, or a busy morning getting all those odd jobs evened up. Active Days, though, only mean one thing – FUN!

Towels packed; we were off to the pool. A couple of lengths warm up and we were into some epic games and an awesome jumping competition. Tens all round. A spot of lunch and we hit the lanes for a super-tense bowl off. Spare me the lie-in and strike off those odd jobs, this was our kind of Bank Holiday!


From small groups of Neanderthals using primitive stone tools, to vast teams of scientists using mind-bending mathematical formulas to place a man on the moon – we’ve done alright for ourselves, I’d say.

And the Keen2Go gang did more than alright to pack all the exhibits from the Science and Natural History Museums into one mind-blowing trip to South Kensington.

Here’s one for you: Did you know that grasshoppers have ears in their bellies?

We had pizza and sandwiches in ours.  


Scoot over Scorsese and mind out Malick – it was the Keen2Go Filmmaking Challenge!

The spotlight was on as a small group of executive producers worked on a documentary all about the summer and each other’s experiences of it. Members pooled together to write some excellent questions, before taking turns in the roles of interviewer, interviewee and cameraman.

A hardened panel of interviewers then conducted a forensic grilling of the facilitators. Rabbits. Headlights. Panicked looks to despairing Press Officers. And cut!

Nou Camp 1999 – Istanbul 2005 – Beddington Park 2019

There’s nothing else quite like sport and the final week of the Keen2Go Cup proved that emphatically as Beddington Park was treated to one of the greatest comebacks in living memory.

4-3 down with two events left, Tom’s team pulled off the unthinkable to snatch the honours, despite VAR ruling a fiercely struck penalty millimetres over the bar.

Congratulations to all participants on a brilliant, sportingly contested competition. We’ll see you all at the awards presentation on Friday.

They think it’s all over… but we will definitely be hitting back with another season soon.


London Calling!

We hit the tracks at Hackbridge and, like Napoleon, came to a halt at Waterloo. The group honed in on the Sea Life Centre and swapped the rays from the sun for the rays in the tanks.

Sharks, penguins, star fish, jelly fish – then some of the group had fish and chips for lunch. How’s that for an interactive menu? The gang sat down to eat, with other members grabbing juicy burgers and delightfully saucy hotdogs.

A little stroll down the river – who knows what lurks beneath the surface? – and it was back to the safety of home.  



And just like that, the summer was all over.

We welcomed members and their families over for a celebratory BBQ to see the Programme out in style. The barbeque was lit, the sun was in a pleasant mood and the turnout was fantastic.

We enjoyed some great food, played a couple of fun games and got Robbie a teeny bit drenched as a forfeit for losing (bottling) the Keen2Go Cup so dramatically. The Cup itself was presented to the victorious team, alongside individual honours for the players of the series.

It was an amazing opportunity to sit back and take stock of what we have achieved both over the summer and across our term-time programmes, and to appreciate the positive impact we continue to have on the amazing people we support.

Reflection quickly turns to motivation – but how on earth are we to top this?

We owe a massive thank you to those who came to celebrate with us and all our other members and their families who couldn’t make it. Your support is invaluable, and it is an absolute pleasure to share your journeys with you.

Our Autumn Term Prospectus can now be found here

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