A day in the life of… The Monday Club

Part of the ‘A day in the life of…’ series

  • Mondays
  • 16:45 – 19:45
  • The Phoenix Centre, Wallington

The Monday Club is the staple of the Keen2Go schedule. It welcomes more members than any other session and provides a wide variety of activities and opportunities tailored to the interests of those participating.

We enjoy our Mondays so much that we decided to cast the Monday Club in our very first promotional video (below) – as you can see, they were all amazing!

Keen2Go: What We’re All About

With those fantastic pictures in mind, we’re going to use the closely contested Staff v Members competition to highlight a day in the life of the Monday Club.

Our day begins hours before the first members arrive. It’s Staff v Members day and that requires plenty of planning and gerrymandering to ensure the advantage lies with the facilitators. The contest would see us face off over boccia, pool, Connect 4, word association, table football and many others. We should have got some practice in!

We picked up a couple of members on the way to the Phoenix Centre in Wallington, arriving at 16:30. Everyone was in good spirits and raring to get the competition under way. Other members started trickling in and by 16:45 we set to start.

The first half an hour was reserved for catching up with members and allowing them time to talk amongst themselves. It was Monday, which meant the weekend’s football wasn’t more than two sentences away from any conversation. The drawing and colouring station was set up in the corner and our extremely talented artists took to their seats to discuss their latest outputs.

The staff were given the games they were to compete in and reacted like Gareth Southgate stumbling across the Euro 96 highlight tape. The members duly huddled up and decided the best people to take down their opposite numbers.

The tournament director kept his job despite a massive conflict of interest and decided that half the games would take place before dinner and half after. But what was for dinner? We usually make use of the Phoenix Centre’s kitchen facilities to provide a selection of healthy options for members to choose from. It’s not always pizza, honest! Today, though… Domino’s was ordered to arrive at half-time.

We were underway. It was nip and tuck in the early stages with the facilitators putting in some strong performances to keep in touching distance of the incredibly skilful members. We saw some awesome games of boccia and pool and witnessed an epic game of word association which defied its image and possibly the dictionary to create palpable tension.

Most impressive of all was the fantastic camaraderie and encouragement on display from the members. We always try to instil a culture of teamwork and support and it’s incredible to see it manifest so amazingly without prompt.

The members were beginning to pull away as dinner arrived to halt play – Phew! The pizza was divided up as the banter was this time directed towards the odd calamitous staff mistake in the opening games.

With dinner polished off, we completed the contest. After Connect 4, boxing pad work, and all sorts in between, we had our winners and they were not the staff. Well done to the members, you were fantastic! We quickly changed the subject and cancelled the planned awards gala; instead finishing with a game of ‘Heads Down, Thumbs Up’.

And that was it. It’s amazing how fast three hours can pass when you’re having a good time. We packed away, waved goodbye to members getting picked up and dropped off those who had opted for that service.

A sleepless night was haunted by flashbacks of Connect 4 errors and missed pool shots – but at least we had Swimming, Dinner & Disco to look forward to on Tuesday!

The Monday Club, more so than any other session, varies massively in the activities and events we provide. Though we always meet at the Phoenix Centre, some sessions may see us venture out for a bite to eat, a spot of bowling or a big old bounce at the trampoline park.

Take your fancy? – Please don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss making the Monday Club your own this Autumn!

Discover our other sessions with the ‘A day in the life of…’ series.  

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