Get to Know: Goalball

Discover the fast and furious Paralympic sport of goalball.

We love sport. We love the drama, the entertainment and the health benefits, but most of all we love the power it holds to change lives and bring people together. At its best, sport can be an unmatched force for inclusion and social development.

We love it so much that we decided to start a series of articles highlighting sports that may go under the mainstream radar; to help spread the word and let people know how to get involved. We began with boccia – now for the awesome sport of goalball!

What is Goalball?

Goalball is an exciting team sport designed specifically for athletes with visual impairments. It was devised by Hanz Lorenzen and Sepp Reindle to assist in the rehabilitation of veterans who suffered eye injuries during the second world war and was later adopted into the Paralympics at Toronto 1976. Today, over 80 countries compete and there are over 270 international referees!

The sport makes use of an audible ball and tactile court as players rely on ear-hand coordination to defend their goal and try and score past their opponents across the court. It’s a fully inclusive sport as players are required to wear eyeshades to allow partially sighted players to compete against blind players and allow fully sighted players to get in on the action domestically.

Sounds good to us – now what are the rules?

How do you play?

We’ll leave that one to the experts at the Paralympic Games:

How can I get involved?

Find your nearest club on the Goalball UK website here.

The closest club to us here at Keen2Go is the Croysutt Warriors. Check them out here.

Where can I find more information?

We may be small, but we’re keen to help!

Please get in contact via @TogBlogUK to see if we can help raise awareness for your organisation/initiative or help share your story.


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