UK Football Clubs with Sensory Rooms

In 2014, Sunderland AFC opened the world’s first sensory room for fans on the autism spectrum or with sensory impairment conditions. Since then the concept has been implemented by football clubs and stadiums across the country and across the globe.

Kate and Peter Shippey were the driving force behind the Sunderland viewing room and continue to promote the concept worldwide following their own experiences with their three children on the autism spectrum.

With The Shippey Campaign they share their knowledge and expertise with clubs to highlight the benefits sensory rooms can have for fans and work with them to create suitable spaces.

Here we list the football clubs that currently offer a sensory room for their fans and, as you can see, the last five years have seen a real boom in autism friendly offerings. Click on the club to read more about the facilities they provide.

Football clubs with sensory rooms

Premier League

English Football League


We’re not perfect. Please let us know if we missed a club from the list and we will be happy to put it in its rightful place.

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