A day in the life of… Swimming, Dinner & Disco

Part of the ‘A day in the life of…’ series

  • Tuesdays
  • Swimming, Dinner & Disco sessions occur fortnightly in line with the dates the Tuesday Club Disco operates, with swimming only sessions running on the off weeks
  • Evenings (time dependent on package)
  • Pick up and drop off available

What is it they say about Ronseal?

The marketing department will have dined out on that phrase for the last quarter of a century, but they will never have experienced dining out quite like we do it at Keen2Go. Love your Nando’s sandwiched in a Portuguese roll? Well next time try it sandwiched between a refreshing dip at the pool and a right old boogie at the Tuesday Club Disco.

Here we revisit a session from our recent Summer Holiday programme – we couldn’t possibly leave it off the schedule!

We began the afternoon by rounding up the team. With it being a holiday session, we had a larger group than usual, meaning more lucky facilitators got to join the fun for one of the highlights of the week. For a term-time session, the group would usually number between four and eight – on this occasion we had 12.

We all met up at the leisure centre, buoyant and ready to make a splash. We flowed through reception, dipped into the changing area and surfaced poolside, before peppering the water like a waddle of penguins.

Once in the pool, members often enjoy different aspects of the session. Some just love doing lengths, others prefer to play games, and many like to mix it up with a bit of both. We encourage individuals to decide how they want to spend their time, but we make the most out of swimming’s fantastic health benefits by getting everyone moving!

It’s all fun and games until ‘Marco’ starts sounding like ‘Nando’ and ‘Polo’ turns to ‘Pollo’. We’d waved off plenty of calories and were now ready to welcome in the new intake. Members usually decide where to go for dinner and this time chose Nando’s to be the official refuelling partner ahead of the Tuesday Club antics.

The butterfly stroke may be hard to manage, but it’s nothing compared to the massive Butterfly Burger. We found room, just, as the spicy sauce encouraged lots of water to dilute the internal chlorine content. Butterflies in our stomachs – along with wings, thighs and creamy mash – we looked ahead to the disco. The playlist was the main topic of discussion as Baby Shark kept the marine theme alive and flipping.

From Nando’s we headed on down to the Sutton Civic Centre and the hottest club night in town. We started off with a round of lemonades and waited for the DJ to spin his magic. The dance floor filled up and the Keen2Go crew were well represented at every turn.

It was a great night as always. We enjoyed some classics, had a good dance to the Superman Song and the Macarena and shook the walls with Hey Baby and Glad All Over. We had a brief break for the raffle, before jumping straight back in with some more big hitters.

The night shot by in the flick of a crossfader, though our feet may disagree. Several members got picked up from the Civic Centre, and after they had all been collected – and after one final slice of cake – we dropped the rest of the group back to their homes. We definitely did a good job of tiring them out…

…but not as good a job as we did on ourselves. We made it home and tried to get both the pool water and Baby Shark out of our ears. Thoughts turned to a new name for the group – we don’t like to be quite so on the nose. Aquatic Ravers… Amphibious Boppers… Clubbing Seals… Bedtime. Definitely bedtime.

On to Wednesday. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Comic Club!

Up for giving it a whirl? Get in contact for more information.

Check out the rest of our ‘A day in the life of…’ series.   


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