A day in the life of… The Ladybirds

Part of the ‘A day in the life of…’ series.

  • Fridays
  • 18:00 – 21:00
  • Girls group

The Supremes, Spice Girls, Little Mix. Be My Baby, No Scrubs, Don’t Cha. We all love a good girl group and the Keen2Go Ladybirds are hitting all the right notes.

Relatively new to the schedule, the Ladybirds have hit the ground running and now look forward to a fabulous Autumn term schedule.

The group is intended to deliver a diverse range of social evenings for members to meet new friends and have a laugh in a safe and inclusive environment, supervised by a female facilitator.

Here we see that purpose in action as we enjoy a relaxing pamper evening. No photos were available, with the paparazzi strictly banned from the retreat… and breath.

Lilly picked the girls up from their homes and packed them into a car overflowing with nail polish. As one door forced shut, another sprung open, but with teamwork and ductility, the mobile varnish bottle ball pit hit the road.

They arrived at the Lodge and settled down on the sofas. The brilliant Pitch Perfect found its way onto the screen as the group laughed along and discussed their busy weeks.

Conversation turned to food which, in turn, turned the appetites up and up. The group had decided to make their own pizza for dinner and soon set about layering toppings across their bases – girl’s nights are starting to sound good to me!

After dinner, the varnishes and face masks came out for those who wished to indulge. Cucumber & Avocado? Pomegranate? They didn’t know whether to wear them or eat them. Thankfully, the super-filling pizzas left little room in the tummy for beauty products.

A spot of soothing music and it was soon time for home. The group spoke about future sessions and possible activities to explore as Lilly dropped them off one-by-one. Nothing beats a good pampering after a hectic week. Enjoy your weekends, girls!

Fancy a fantastic Friday and think this could be the social evening for you? Be sure to get in contact to discuss becoming a Ladybird yourself!

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